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Melinda Page Hamilton

  • Melinda Page Hamilton

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  • Melinda Page Hamilton

    Melinda Page Hamilton has joined the Amazon Original series The Peripheral as a series regular. In it, she plays Ella Fisher, Chloe Grace Moretz and Jack Raynor's mother, whose body has betrayed her, yet her mind is sharp as a tack. Most recently, she was a series regular on the hit Netflix series Messiah. She starred opposite Michelle Monaghan and John Ortiz. In it, she plays Anna Iguero, the daughter of a wealthy mega Church pastor (Beau Bridges), who, years after living a life of hardship of being married to a small-town pastor (Oritz), questions her faith. Other series regular roles include USA's Damnation, where she played Connie Nunn, a 1930's government detective with a murderous agenda, and Lifetime's Devious Maids, in which she played the Russian housekeeper Odessa. She has had many memorable recurring roles on hit shows, including AMC's Emmy Award-winning Mad Men, as Anna Dra

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