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Telci Huynh

  • Telci Huynh
  • Telci Huynh

    At age four, Austin-based Telci Huynh looked up at the TV, asked her parents if the people on it were real, and said that she wanted to do what the actors were doing. Her parents enrolled her in a theater program and found she was a natural talent. Now, at age 15, Huynh has been recognized as a versatile performer who has been successful in portraying roles in all genres in television, film, commercials and theater.

    Huynh is excited about her role on Amazon’s Modern and looking forward to its premiere. In addition, Huynh has appeared in a guest star role on CBS’s God Friended Me, NBC’s Reverie, recurring guest star roles on Disney’s Team Kaylie and Just Roll with It, Disney’s Coop & Cami Ask the World, and the short film, Guardian Angel. She has been seen in various commercials, as well as print ads. Telci, who has a younger brother and sister, enjoys playing volleyball, running cross-country, snowboarding, longboarding and baking. She is also developing her own skincare line of products made from all-natural ingredients. Huynh is excited to be cast as a series regular on a new show and details will be revealed in the near future.

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